modern engineering company made in Italy

SPI Consulting is an engineering company that can help you realize your ideas.

Our know-how is fundamentally based on energy and mechanical studies integrating different technologies.

SPI Consulting can also be your consulting company in different situations and offers different services.

Project management -> A project is an idea that must have a duration, a beginning and an end, to create a product or to provide a service. First of all we talk to the customer to understand the needs and then together we build a path that will lead to the realization of the project through the achievement of the objectives.

Energy Audit -> Increasing energy efficiency is our commitment to help you reduce costs and grow your business. Our CTO is an Expert in Energy Management (EGE) according to UNI EN 11339 and can advise you on how to improve.

Industry 4.0 -> The possibility for companies to benefit from the super and hyper amortization provided for by Italian law. We can, with our experts registered in the relevant registers, draw up the expertise to obtain the benefits.

Facilitated finance -> Using our technicians we are able to record and report internal costs incurred for the improvement of process, product and new business projects in order to enjoy the automatic tax credit expected for the year 2018.

Energy plants -> Renewable energy integration in existing plants.

Feasibility study-> Analysis of the feasibility of various innovative technologies applicable in the individual case.